Wednesday, October 3, 2012

"I wish I was a Little Bit Taller, I Wish I was a (Base)Baller"

I'm so sorry for my long hiatus. I've been so busy settling into college, I haven't had a moment to myself, let alone to post. But I promise October will be better. To keep myself posting regularly, I was thinking of taking the blog in a new direction? More a catch up from New York with some outfit posts, restaurant reviews, events etc. rather than pure fashion? Like the idea/hate it? Let me know.
Anyway, you'll probably think I've lost the plot with this caption and accessory choice, but yes I'm craving a slick baseball cap. Before you roll your eyes and tell me I've turned into a yank, take a lot at the pictures below. These street style shots, demonstrate how you can fashionify (yes, I made that word up) the baseball cap.

Classic Nike via Jak and Jil
Velvet and Broque Couple via WDUGT Street Style
Simplicity via Fashion Toast

Still not convinced take a look at these bad boys! I've just ordered a leather one, outfit post to follow! x

Clockwise from Top Left
Sandro Campaign
Yestadt via Opening Ceremony
Kenzo via Ceremony Opening 


  1. Fashionify - I like it!
    Haha x

  2. baseball caps! <3

  3. love baseball caps too! cool pictures! leather one sounds awesome :) x